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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic restorations (which may include crowns, fillings, inlays, onlays, bridges and veneers) are done to improve the appearance of the teeth. There may or may not be other reasons for doing them, such as tooth decay, chips or cracks. Cosmetic restoration of a single tooth is sometimes achievable with modern dental materials (even in highly visible areas of the smile).


Patients who have crowded or rotated teeth, or a poor bite relationship between the upper and lower teeth (malocclusion) may benefit from orthodontic tooth movement. Crowding and misalignment of the teeth makes it difficult to keep them clean, and puts the patient at risk for tooth decay (caries) and gum disease. This is because wherever food accumulates, bacteria thrive; and bacteria cause tooth decay and gum disease. TYPE OF BRACES • METAL • CERAMIC • LINGUAL • DAMON CLEAR • CLEAR ALIGNER SYSTEM


are thin laminates which usually cover only the surface of the teeth people see when you smile and talk (the "facial" surface). Sometimes they are designed to wrap part way around the edges of the teeth onto the inside surfaces, either to eliminate decay, to provide better retention to the tooth, or to improve the appearance of them.


Root canal therapy, (the most common type of "endodontic treatment") is a procedure in which access to the hollow interior of the tooth (the "pulp) is made, in order to remove inflamed, infected or necrotic (non-living) nerve and blood vessel tissue. The root canals are disinfected, enlarged and hermetically sealed to the root tips with a rubbery filling material. Finally, the access hole into the tooth is filled with any of the available filling materials like silver amalgam, composite resin, porcelain or gold (usually at a separate appointment).

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